Friday, December 5, 2008

Laceydaisy Footsies

When my sister was yet expecting Sofia, she went crazy over the tiny newborn socks that looked like little shoes. That was 2 years ago. Last week,during the Project Brave kids bazaar that Mimi and I joined, I saw a booth selling those cute baby socks. And since I just picked up my crochet hook again very recently(thanks to Mimi for refreshing my crochet techniques and Jane for supporting and at times joining me in whatever craft/hobby I am into:),I was inspired to make my crocheted version.
So here's my laceydaisy footsies dedicated to my sister Diana and her darling daughters Saf and Sofi...........

Newborn size footsie(other foot in the process)

I used Basic slipper pattern by Mimi Alelis and added stitches to make it into a footsie sock.

Ballerina footsie.I made this in Sofi's size.I hope it fits

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  1. that is soooo creative aa!i bet sofi would love it, if it could fit her that is so creative i wish i could of thought of that.