Friday, December 5, 2008

Laceydaisy Footsies

When my sister was yet expecting Sofia, she went crazy over the tiny newborn socks that looked like little shoes. That was 2 years ago. Last week,during the Project Brave kids bazaar that Mimi and I joined, I saw a booth selling those cute baby socks. And since I just picked up my crochet hook again very recently(thanks to Mimi for refreshing my crochet techniques and Jane for supporting and at times joining me in whatever craft/hobby I am into:),I was inspired to make my crocheted version.
So here's my laceydaisy footsies dedicated to my sister Diana and her darling daughters Saf and Sofi...........

Newborn size footsie(other foot in the process)

I used Basic slipper pattern by Mimi Alelis and added stitches to make it into a footsie sock.

Ballerina footsie.I made this in Sofi's size.I hope it fits

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Santa Sugar

Sugar in her santa shirt(laceydaisy designs 2008)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Crocheted Slippers

Mia's slippers

Here's Sofi's slippers(2008).I added a flap and ribbon trim to the Basic slippers(Mimi Alelis Design 2008)

Basic Slippers(Mimi Alelis design 2008)

I added ribbon trim for Saf's slippers(2008) Mia's slipper coming soon....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SUGAR wearing my princess collection........

Everybody is wondering why I wake up so late this past few days, and yet I'm sleepy during the day. Well, ever since I made Sugar her first sweater, I can't put my hook and yarn down. I wish my hand can crochet as fast as my mind can think of ideas.

I plan to make disney princesses inspired sweaters for Sugar and post them all at the same time to make it look like a fashion line with Sugar modeling my "creations" but that will take weeks.....I have patrons to please and satisfy:)

Tan, Saf, Uga-uga, Ping-ping...enjoy!

Sugar as cinderella.....

Sugarella posing like a real princess

Sugar in her cheung-sam

All these modeling makes me hungry! give me some food pls....

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sweet Sugar

Finally,I finished the shrug and I finished it a day before my birthday too:)I will be posting pictures soon .....
After the shrug project,I thought I'll make small wearables for the mean time.
Something I can finish in a day or two. So while waiting for my friend's foot measurements because I plan to make her a pair of slippers(the blue slipper was too big for her).I decided to make dog wearables:)
Here is sugar wearing my first creation.....

Ps. Hi tatan, saf, uga-uga, ping-ping....this post is for you



Saturday, November 1, 2008

My projects

Crocheted pencil case(1983)
IPhone cozy( my first project with Mimi Alelis)(2008)
The first one was too big so I made another one.I added a solid edging on top(2008)

My shrug project....still unfinished after 4 weeks........ (2008 and counting)

Pilates slipper project.....other foot still in the process......(Mimi Alelis original design but inspired by me:)(2008 and counting too)


I've heard it a gazillion times....I have read quite a few....and now finally,I'm jumping in the bandwagon and writing my own blog too.I hope this doesn't take my time away from my crafting,my work and watching my favorite soaps:) I know, Belle and Lily my BFFs(got this from my 7 year old neice who has 5 BFFs,3 BFs and 2 Fs, not quite sure about the number though)will complain a bit(although secretly for sure) We rarely spend time together as it is and now I have added blogging to "my to do list". But Becky,my overseas BFF,will like it I think.She's a blog monster.Not that she has a blog of her own that I know of but she reads a number of blogs daily(from cooking,to fashion to medical blogs:)
SO what got me here? I want to keep tract of all the crafts I do before I loose them (because of negligence).Or to be more accurate before I loose interest in them:)(I can hear you laughing Becky:)
Like most of the crafts I do except for painting, I learned crochet by myself from reading books and studying the diagrams.I was able to make a pencil case when I was in third grade. That was decades ago and I have lost the pencil case but good thing I still have the pattern book that has a picture of the pencil case. Also like most crafts I learned to make,I have collected more pattern books than the actual projects. With this blogsite I hope to change that.I hope to make more projects than buy more books. Well thank God for Mimi A.(
who has taught me not just crochet techniques but also taught me a lot about online resources.