Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Santa Sugar

Sugar in her santa shirt(laceydaisy designs 2008)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Crocheted Slippers

Mia's slippers

Here's Sofi's slippers(2008).I added a flap and ribbon trim to the Basic slippers(Mimi Alelis Design 2008)

Basic Slippers(Mimi Alelis design 2008)

I added ribbon trim for Saf's slippers(2008) Mia's slipper coming soon....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SUGAR wearing my princess collection........

Everybody is wondering why I wake up so late this past few days, and yet I'm sleepy during the day. Well, ever since I made Sugar her first sweater, I can't put my hook and yarn down. I wish my hand can crochet as fast as my mind can think of ideas.

I plan to make disney princesses inspired sweaters for Sugar and post them all at the same time to make it look like a fashion line with Sugar modeling my "creations" but that will take weeks.....I have patrons to please and satisfy:)

Tan, Saf, Uga-uga, Ping-ping...enjoy!

Sugar as cinderella.....

Sugarella posing like a real princess

Sugar in her cheung-sam

All these modeling makes me hungry! give me some food pls....

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sweet Sugar

Finally,I finished the shrug and I finished it a day before my birthday too:)I will be posting pictures soon .....
After the shrug project,I thought I'll make small wearables for the mean time.
Something I can finish in a day or two. So while waiting for my friend's foot measurements because I plan to make her a pair of slippers(the blue slipper was too big for her).I decided to make dog wearables:)
Here is sugar wearing my first creation.....

Ps. Hi tatan, saf, uga-uga, ping-ping....this post is for you



Saturday, November 1, 2008

My projects

Crocheted pencil case(1983)
IPhone cozy( my first project with Mimi Alelis)(2008)
The first one was too big so I made another one.I added a solid edging on top(2008)

My shrug project....still unfinished after 4 weeks........ (2008 and counting)

Pilates slipper project.....other foot still in the process......(Mimi Alelis original design but inspired by me:)(2008 and counting too)


I've heard it a gazillion times....I have read quite a few....and now finally,I'm jumping in the bandwagon and writing my own blog too.I hope this doesn't take my time away from my crafting,my work and watching my favorite soaps:) I know, Belle and Lily my BFFs(got this from my 7 year old neice who has 5 BFFs,3 BFs and 2 Fs, not quite sure about the number though)will complain a bit(although secretly for sure) We rarely spend time together as it is and now I have added blogging to "my to do list". But Becky,my overseas BFF,will like it I think.She's a blog monster.Not that she has a blog of her own that I know of but she reads a number of blogs daily(from cooking,to fashion to medical blogs:)
SO what got me here? I want to keep tract of all the crafts I do before I loose them (because of negligence).Or to be more accurate before I loose interest in them:)(I can hear you laughing Becky:)
Like most of the crafts I do except for painting, I learned crochet by myself from reading books and studying the diagrams.I was able to make a pencil case when I was in third grade. That was decades ago and I have lost the pencil case but good thing I still have the pattern book that has a picture of the pencil case. Also like most crafts I learned to make,I have collected more pattern books than the actual projects. With this blogsite I hope to change that.I hope to make more projects than buy more books. Well thank God for Mimi A.(http://www.mycrochetstuff.blogspot.com)
who has taught me not just crochet techniques but also taught me a lot about online resources.