Monday, January 5, 2009

Baguio 2008

As a kid, Baguio used to be our weekend hideaway. Summer and Christmas break is always synonymous with Baguio. So when we decided to spend Christmas there last year (the last time I was there was 10 years ago),I was really excited. I even checked out where to go/what to do websites on Baguio(like a tourist getting ready to backpack through Europe).

The whole Baguio vacation met all my expectations and more. From the travel time (which took under 6 hours)to the weather( 10 degrees celsius brrrrr) to the great accomodations(Mines View Park Hotel). I was able to checkout second hand thrift stores( although the prices were a bit higher than during regular days).But best of all I was able to buy huge hanks of yarn for my crochet passion.

The hotel is very close to Mines View(under 1 min walk) and the staff were really friendly and very accomodating .

I am definitely y going back to Baguio again soon. I hope to bring my neices and nephew to Baguio next time they are in the Philippines.They will surely enjoy it.

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  1. truly, MINES VIEW PARK HOTEL is the BEST hotel in baguio today, the weather is good, the ambiance very nice (the only hotel in baguio, with a one of a kind mountain view, the food was great, the staff are all accommodating especialy the manager, forgot the name (celebrity look alike, albert martinez)he's soooooooo cool, friendly not like the other baguio hotel managers.

    parking was good also, you dont have to go underground. And, accessible to kinds of vehicle.

    That's why, whoever wants to have a vacation in baguio, I suggest Mines View Park Hotel (near mines view park).