Saturday, November 1, 2008


I've heard it a gazillion times....I have read quite a few....and now finally,I'm jumping in the bandwagon and writing my own blog too.I hope this doesn't take my time away from my crafting,my work and watching my favorite soaps:) I know, Belle and Lily my BFFs(got this from my 7 year old neice who has 5 BFFs,3 BFs and 2 Fs, not quite sure about the number though)will complain a bit(although secretly for sure) We rarely spend time together as it is and now I have added blogging to "my to do list". But Becky,my overseas BFF,will like it I think.She's a blog monster.Not that she has a blog of her own that I know of but she reads a number of blogs daily(from cooking,to fashion to medical blogs:)
SO what got me here? I want to keep tract of all the crafts I do before I loose them (because of negligence).Or to be more accurate before I loose interest in them:)(I can hear you laughing Becky:)
Like most of the crafts I do except for painting, I learned crochet by myself from reading books and studying the diagrams.I was able to make a pencil case when I was in third grade. That was decades ago and I have lost the pencil case but good thing I still have the pattern book that has a picture of the pencil case. Also like most crafts I learned to make,I have collected more pattern books than the actual projects. With this blogsite I hope to change that.I hope to make more projects than buy more books. Well thank God for Mimi A.(
who has taught me not just crochet techniques but also taught me a lot about online resources.

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  1. I'm so glad you started your own craft blog! Its yours, and you can use it like a scrapbook for your projects. Best of all you can share it with us ;)