Monday, November 17, 2008

Crocheted Slippers

Mia's slippers

Here's Sofi's slippers(2008).I added a flap and ribbon trim to the Basic slippers(Mimi Alelis Design 2008)

Basic Slippers(Mimi Alelis design 2008)

I added ribbon trim for Saf's slippers(2008) Mia's slipper coming soon....


  1. I love the ribbon trim! And the color combination is very nice :)
    You will surely get so busy with crochet gift projects...I hope you get enough sleep ;)

  2. the ribbon trim is soooo pretty!!!i love the color pink too.i like how sofis slippers have a toungh like real shoes(slippers).i cant belive my slippers and my dolls slippers(mia)are the same.