Friday, November 7, 2008

Sweet Sugar

Finally,I finished the shrug and I finished it a day before my birthday too:)I will be posting pictures soon .....
After the shrug project,I thought I'll make small wearables for the mean time.
Something I can finish in a day or two. So while waiting for my friend's foot measurements because I plan to make her a pair of slippers(the blue slipper was too big for her).I decided to make dog wearables:)
Here is sugar wearing my first creation.....

Ps. Hi tatan, saf, uga-uga, ping-ping....this post is for you




  1. Super cute! What yarn did you use?
    Ang galing naman may video pa :)

  2. Thanks mimi, I think it's size 8 thread in turquoise(brand is either monaco or cannon,I can't remember 'coz it's left over threads)I don't remember the brand of the green thread. It's a little bit thicker too.